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Below are some testimonials from my students and clients.

9 Testimonials

  1. S.E., International Human Rights Lawyer says:

    I met Melina for the first time more than three years ago. A friend of mine warmly recommended her to me at a moment in my life when I had fallen sick and Western medicine turned out to be of no help. I have been seeing her regularly since then for both healing sessions and Reiki trainings. She is an exceptional healer, a patient teacher and a wonderful guide. She has been guiding me over the years in my healing journey with immense compassion and always with the greatest tact and respect, disclosing deeper understandings of myself and the world we live in, as I have made progresses on my health condition. My encounter with Melina is one of the precious gifts that my illness brought into my life.

  2. Liliana, Teacher, says:

    Such a great person, teacher and therapist. You cannot find a better person to help you to start this journey!!!!
    Thank you so much for the bottom of my heart. You are amazing!!! ☯️

  3. A.V., Physician, Geneva, Switzerland says:

    I started my sessions with Melina when I was completely overwhelmed by a difficult and unexpected struggle in my life. I was filled with anxiety and sadness. Thanks to her personal capabilities and training, Melina put my mind in a state of deep relaxation and rest, like I had been meditating or deep breathing for days. For me, it was a shortcut.
    This process of a constant evolution under her guidance and coaching enables me now to face stressful situations with serenity, easing the anxiety and finding my happiness and joy again. Thank you, Melina!

  4. Sarah M., Lawyer, Geneva, says:

    J’ai eu l’occasion de faire mes deux premières formations Reiki avec Melina. Ce fut une expérience très enrichissante et intense.
    J’ai également fait d’autres types de cours, tous très formateurs et riches en apprentissage.
    J’ai hâte de continuer ma formation à ses côtés!

  5. Sandra, Economist, WTO, says:

    Melina has healed me a couple of times and I can cite two instances where the physical healing had been most pronounced. One concerned something like the onset of carpal tunnel due to RSI (where healing was immediate) and another involved a serious case of eczema (where healing started two days later).

    Melina takes a very nurturing and total approach to healing and takes time to discuss one’s concerns. Her healing approach is premised on everything being connected — the emotions, life directions, energy at various levels — where the physical aspects are only the most perceptible manifestations.

    I have also taken Reiki 1 and 2 under her. She follows up the courses with assignments, practices and advice, where I also knew I could count on her for my questions and support. I do self healing and distance healing now with more regularity… but I still benefit a lot from my regular sessions with Melina.

  6. Silvia, Office Manager, says:

    I have been with Melina for over a year now. There are no words to express how much she has helped me. Melina has been there for me on every step of my journey. she has given me pointers, advice and has listened to me. I cannot express how important she has been for me. Consider yourself extremely lucky to have her in your life.

  7. Valdelicia says:

    J’ai fait 3 session de Reiki avec Melina,et la première chose que j’ai remarqué,c’est sa passion pour ce qu’elle fait et la façon spécial à laquelle elle nous traite.
    Les sessions avec elle m’ont permis de regarder plus à l’interieur de moi même et comprendre plus sur moi,sur mes peurs,mes angoisses etc…
    Melina est très attentive et très expériente,et cela m’a beaucoup rassuré.

    J’ai bien aimé mes séssions et j’encourage les gens à le faire car c’est sont des expérinces uniques.

  8. Natalie N., Lawyer at the United Nations says:

    Getting my first reiki treatment with Melina was a groundbreaking physical and emotional experience for me and our long chats paved the way for a positive attitude to life which in a longer term also brought positive changes.

    Receiving a reiki treatment gives me a deep sense of peace and relaxation. It brings harmony to my body and mind. After some 3 sessions I could notice remarkable improvement in my physical and emotional health.

    But reiki can also be a useful tool for self-healing and helping your closest ones. This is why I completed the Reiki 1 workshop with Melina in June 2013 and am now a qualified reiki practitioner!

    I encourage everyone to get to know more about reiki and the power of using the healing Ki energy to improve your lives.

  9. Colette says:

    I had 3 Reiki sessions with Melina earlier this year.

    She is warm, welcoming and talked me through the process, giving me details and an overall insight into the Reiki world of healing, which i found very interesting.

    I enjoyed the ritualistic style of the investigations and found the gentle movements as well as the energy healing massage incredibly relaxing.

    Melina was attentive and interested, using her knowledge and specific techniques to help my individual needs.

    With her guidance and support, the energy sessions carried me through the week, reminding me to slow down, listen to my body and continue the work myself, focusing my attention on areas i needed to work on.

    Melina was very giving and passionate about her field, from giving general advice, nutrition tips, healing facts, to life coaching – I would recommend Reiki sessions for anyone interested in enhancing, improving or readjusting their health – physical, mental and spiritual.

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